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Strange U – ‘The Strange Universe Mixtape’


Get ready for a bizarre ride.

Psykhomantus presents “Strange U: The Strange Universal Mixtape” as part of the “As Seen On VisionBombing” mix tape series.

Take a Bizarre Ride to the sounds of Dr Zygote and King Kashmere who make up the group Strange U. Strange U’s enthusiasm for the off key and weird reigns supreme, combining a stream of consciousness lyrics coupled with hefty left of centre soundscapes are the perfect antidote to today’s bland cough mixture speech impediment rap.

This mixtape features 20 ill joints including “Falcon Punch“, “Klaatu Barada Nikto“, “Strange Universe In Africa“, “The Cake Is A Lie” and “Dolph Lundgren.” Keep an eye out for their forthcoming album #LP4080 – ‘Bullet Proof Mustache‘ single OUT NOW.

Tracklist: (Download mixtape)
1. Intro
2. Strange U Live on Kiss FM (Skit)*
3. The Cake Is A Lie
4. Summertime Skeetin
5. Klaatu Barada Nikto
6. Vapourous
7. Respond to comments (Skit)*
8. Dolph Lundgren
9. Part Machine
10. Bad Trip Parent
11. Falcon Punch
12. Strange Universe In Africa
13. Holy Cow
14. Scerlet Jungle
15. Rancd Canvas Licks
16. Reel It In
17. Leviathan
18. Plastique
19. Exclusive Bars (Skit)*
20. Bullet Proof Mustache

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