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Ta-Ku – 50 Days For Dilla

Ta-Ku: 50 Days for Dilla

HW&W Recordings is excited to announce the release of the second half of Ta-Ku’s 50 Days for Dilla project. For this project Ta-Ku wanted to pay a tribute to his greatest influence by creating a new beat each day for 50 days straight. Ta-Ku utilizes signature drum swings, chilling melodies, and soulful sampling in creating this fresh compilation of hip hop instrumentals.

There is no doubt that Dilla has left his impression in hip hop forever, but Ta-Ku wanted Dilla’s spirit to stay alive through music. You will find signature Dilla-esque drum swings, melodic transitions, and creative sampling in his tribute to the late J Dilla. The project was split into two volumes with each containing 25 tracks each.