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Been digging for the past couple of days, feels like I’ve been looking in all the corners of the internet for new producers and new material. Came across this 18 year old producer from Austria who goes by the name of “Stikz“. In a strange

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Mehbian – Perfect vibes to chill to

Today South Africa celebrates Workers Days. It’s definitely “workers day”, as I’ve been steady on the grind. After a long day of meetings, it’s nice to be able to just kick back and relax. I’ve being on my regular search for fresh sounds and  Mehbian,

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Greetings to all the BeatHeads out there!

This blog is dedicated to the music lovers out there and will serve as a platform to share good music as well as to educate… so lets get started… It’s 00:42 in Cape Town, it’s cold and rainy (just how I like it – you