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HAZ SOLO – From A Creative Source

“A good friend of mine, Jon Bivens, gave me numerous vinyl records before he passed away. After 3 years, I finally dusted them off from the place that they have been sitting for those years. Amongst the 50 something records I found a couple of

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Another Planet – “Far From Home” Mixtape Vol.1

While scanning the depths of cyber space for sonic artifacts, intergalactic beat-forms and rhythmic antimatter we found… “Another planet”, stark and uncharted yet densely populated by a diverse array of hyperdimentional beat makers… In its latest release “Another planet” presents “Far from home (BeatTapeVol.1)” a

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So check it out super crew SUB REN just dropped the first installment of a four part series called “EVERY POWER IN CREATION [EPISODE‚Äč:E].” Each episode will be completing the “E.P.I.C.” journey these “left field, raw player, rhymeslayers” will be taking you on. On this