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Title Takes Us on a Colourful Musical Journey with ‘Lotion’

Antwerp based producer, TITLE, drops “Lotion,” a 4 track EP that takes you on a journey through the producer’s love for steady grooves, deep bass lines and soulful melodies. TITLE takes the listener into his colourful world where everything seems to be floating in time and space.

The opening track AMAAI starts of with a wide orchestral intro evolving into a steady drum pattern accompanied by deep subs and atmospheric sounds. The whole EP has a playful vibe to it ranging from hiphop grooves on ‘Hotel’, to funk inspired synth licks on ‘We Are Elektronica II’ and ‘Lotion’. These tracks are showing his love for squeaky analog synthesizers and raw grooves.

Over the years TITLE has released numerous EP’s (available on his Bandcamp page) ranging from melancholic guitar sounds to heavy beats and 2 step tracks. On his latest EP you hear an evolution to more elaborate pieces, each representing a side of TITLE’s grand oeuvre of music.