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Trading Card Club Presents: ‘To: Dilla’


Introducing TCC

February isn’t just Black History Month. It’s also “J Dilla Month,” and it’s this time of the year where various music folks will put fourth their efforts at a tribute to Dilla and ride the wave. This year marks 10 years since Dilla’s passing, and since then, so far, there has only been one tribute compilation, Hip Hop Hypedog’s, “Tributes To James Dewitt Yancey” that we could listen to over and over again, until now.

Say hello to the new boys on the block, Trading Card Club. TCC is a collective out of Canada comprised of multimedia artists (producers, rappers, singers, artists, photo/videographers, etc.) who have come together to curate a compilation of art and music original to TCC. Earlier this year we were introduced to them in the form of “Booster Pack Vol.1,” a compilation featuring various artists who at the time were unbeknown to us, but whose music demanding your attention.

This time round they have compiled tributes to the late Mr. Yancey in the form of the incredible, “To: Dilla,” a compilation one can’t help but have on repeat with music by artists who showcase such a mature sound and understanding of the music that it makes this album one for the books and TCC a force to be reckoned with. This one will definitely go on our list as one of our top Dilla tributes.

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