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WeUnderGround Presents: bLanc1 “AngelaLansbury”

Angela Lansbury

Created by a self confessed internet junky, always trolling the deepest, darkest corners of the internet seeking to find that which has not been revealed yet. He can always be found slapping a new vein online – whether it’s a blog dedicated to beats or online marketing, at the same time composing new mixes that are recorded, then file transfer protocol to soundcloud to listeners on opposite sides of the world. Recently being dubbed the name “dugbot,” bLanc1 continuously seeks to improve his art, which started out as just a hobby, create and introduce listeners to a new sound world.

Covering a diverse array of sound, you can find between genres such as #beats, #dupstep, #trap, #pseudonoise, #aquacrunk, #tumblrwave, #cloudrap, #astralplaning, #bassbeatbumpness, and the list continues adding a few guilty pleasures in here and there like Juicy J’s “Bands make her dance” in his recent mix for The Ritalin Thieves.

One can witness his progress and transitions in music when listening to his mixes. “FutureSoundMx“, which was created for WUG, was chronicling where he saw music going, from trap to future funk, he covered all the basis featuring artist such as Slugabed, TNGHT, B.Bravo, Sweater Beats, Sivey, Salva, RL Grimes, XXYYXX, Sango, LDFD, MYRRYRS, DEVONWHO, C.Z and more.

After that he released a 30 minute mix, “Dress2Sweat” for Cold Turkey, a music event which takes place every 2nd Sunday. In this mix, he goes all out nuts serving up a selection of grime spangled club anthems. Those who attended the event were able to hear the full length mix.

Next up he was invited to create a mix for “The Ritalin Thieves” radio show… – In this mix he visits a whole mix of genres. In this mix, we witness that he mixes with intent. Each mix being created with a deliberate idea in mind. Starting out with Cashmere Cat’s “Mirror Maru,” he begins his mix with a track that’s sure to unite entire congregation’s on a Sunday afternoon and then continues the journey ending on TNGHT’s “Higher Ground,” most probably THE anthem and quite ironic for a Sunday – keeping within his “church” theme. Here he not only mixes, but blends, mixing up tracks that one would never expect, always keeping you guessing and always with the element of surprize.

Finally… “Angela Lansbury!” Why Angela Lansbury? Well…in short, this mix is straight up MURDER! Here bLanc1 is trying to let the world know whats good, especially in a music scene which is hard to break out into. He asks for no favors but just lets listeners know what he is capable of and what he could turn your local party into – a scene from murder she wrote. This one is sure to cause whiplash, chaffing, heart palpitations, dehydration and popular demand for encore…