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zeroh – ‘0 EMISSIONS 2’


Los Angeles has long been a breeding ground for eccentric, forward-thinking music, and as of late, this impulse has manifestated in the conspicuously named Beat Music scene, centralized around Flying Lotus and the weekly Low End Theory. The community birthed dozens of post- hip-hop producers taking sonic risks, but they’ve primarily operated in an instrumental capacity, somewhat detached from the city’s rappers.

zeroh returns rapping with his trademark earth-shattering baritone of precisely cluttered word blurs. He’s an interesting rapper, possessing a groggy croak reminiscent of Yoni Wolf’s “cLOUDDEAD-era” material. His real trump card, however, is his production work, showcased to great effect on last year’s frazzled Tape collection. Lee Bannon’s crushed collages are a good point of comparison, although Edan’s tecnicolour productions also spring to mind. He remains true to form, this time he returns with “0 emissions 2.

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