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“KuroST​.​BLQlordTESLA” See’s Zeroh Laying Down the Mic for a 9 Track Instrumental Release

Known for rapping with his trademark earth-shattering baritone of precisely cluttered word blurs and kaleidoscope of glitch-fortified hip-hop, California-based rapper and producer Zeroh’s, “KuroST.BLQlordTESLA,” has him laying down the microphone for a nine-track instrumental release.

As he embarks on a creative flight of fancy, intricately-woven tracks like “Philosopher King” sound like someone rhythmically turning the dial between radio stations until they stumble upon a funk-fueled loop, while “KlipSnot” is a candied vignette that gives off the impression it was recorded in an underwater echo chamber. Adding emotional gravitas to the listening session, “S.A.O.” is helmed by the sort of poignant pared-down piano loop that begs for someone to drop a back-in-the-day rhyme over it.